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19 August 1988
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Heys my name is Kortni(weird spelling for Courtney,parents thought it was cute)im 24, i live in North Carolina,US....im a very shy person that wants to make friends on here but doesnt know how to go about it >.< i dont like feeling that i have nothing to add to the groups im part of so i never join in with the discussions since i came into this stuff late, i only know stuff that has been said before.I really love Korean music and dramas, im also interested into Japanese music and dramas but i seem to like the Korean stuff much better.....i plan on going to University over seas..havent figured out what i truly want to do yet...currently majoring in Sociology and Asian Studies....i love to travel..ive moved 17 times so im used to moving around alot..i hope to make more friends who are interested in the same things as me

ummm i love alot more then i put on here cause im not very good at writing these XD i can talk about pretty much anything not just music or dramas..i think im really easy to get along with XD