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title: Pictures
pairing: Band Fic
rating: G
genre: attempt at crack, humor
disclaimer: own no one -sobs-
Donghae found some... pictures.

A/N- ok this...i don't even know  xD after i got some love on my first fic i got brave and wrote my next idea...this came to me as i was following nerdpirate 's Twitter pic spam of Suju and a conversation with double00beaver ....and this never would have made sense without my wonderful Beta lettherebeminho  <33




Ah wow, today has been a good day, thought Leeteuk as he relaxed at the kitchen table with the other members. The group is in good spirits, no one has caused me any major problems and no one is fighting. Yep. Today is a good day.

Just then, Donghae ran in from the living room. Last time Leeteuk checked, Donghae had been on his computer, innocently updating his homepage. What Donghae said next had Leeteuk thinking differently though.

“The fans are making us look gay!” Donghae gasped out with a look between shock and disgust.

Leeteuk sighed. Well, there goes my peace for the night. Everyone looked at Donghae with surprise. Leeteuk had to do something quickly to prevent the other members from getting worked up.

“What do you mean the fans are making us gay?” Heechul demanded before Leeteuk could implicate his prevention tactics.

Donghae started to fidget, “I just wanted to look at fan posted pictures of our Super Show 2 concert. I clicked to see the most viewed pictures and ended up getting a page full of pictures that made us look like we were gay.”

“What do you mean by that? There wasn’t that much fan service going on, right?” Heechul asked.

“It seemed no more than normal to me.” Sungmin spoke up.

Donghae shook his head. “No. Most of them weren’t pictures of the fan service. I don’t know how the fans did do it, but their cameras’ angles really make it look like we are doing….things to each other.” The last part was said with a shudder.

“Show us what you mean.” Heechul said after a few seconds.

Donghae just nodded.

Leeteuk watched as the members filed in to the living room after Donghae. He was torn between wanting to have his 5 minutes of peace and wanting to know what Donghae was actually talking about. His curiosity won out and he quickly got up to go into the living room.

Everyone was huddled around the computer, speaking at once.

“Oh my god, what is Siwon doing to you?”

“Wow. It really does look like your hand is going for his crotch.”

“My god, the fans must have cameras like machine guns to get these shots.”

Donghae looked pleased that the members were agreeing with him.

All of a sudden, Heechul’s loud voice had the room silent. “Wait a minute. I just noticed something about this page of pictures.”

The members turned to look at him.

“Donghae, look at these again.” Heechul continued. Donghae turned back to the screen. “Do you notice the one thing most of the pictures have in common?”

Donghae carefully inspected the photos. It took him a second, but he caught on. “Umm, most of them are of Siwon and me?”

“Exactly. The fans aren’t making us gay, just you and Siwon” Heechul cackled as he turned to walk to his room. He pulled out his phone. “Siwon will love to hear this.”

The other members laughed at Donghae’s scream of anguish and embarrassment. He got up and ran to his own room and shouted, “I’m never performing in front of fans again!”

Well, Leeteuk thought, That really could have been much worse.

Then, from behind him, he heard Sungmin exclaim, “Oh wow, Heechul should see some of the pictures the fans have posted of him.

Leeteuk whipped around and hissed at him. “In no way, shape or form will you mention, show, or even let Heechul see any those. Exit out of it. NOW!”

Sungmin looked at him with fear in his eyes, but he nodded and did as he was told.

Thank God. Leeteuk thought as he went into his room. That was one headache I did not need.

The last thing Leeteuk heard as he was closing his bedroom door was Yesung screaming: “HEY, HEECHUL CHECK OUT THESE PICTURES THE FANS POSTED OF YOU!”

 ~A/N - Hope y'all enjoyed this piece of fail xD ~




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