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Hidden Camera (One Shot)
Laughing Yesung
Title: Hidden Camera
Pairing: Henry/Sungmin(band mates/friends)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Henry gets more then he bargains for, when trying to prove his innocence in the recent snatching of Hangengs underwear.



Sungmin turned around to see Henry behind him. “What’s up Henry?”

Henry started fidgeting, “I came to ask you something,”

Sungmin tilted his head. “Is it something weird? Is that why you are hesitant to ask me?”

Henry nodded, “Yes its pretty awkward to ask this.”

Sungmin sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to him. “Just sit here and tell me. I can promise that after all these years living with Donghae and Yesung, that anything you say wont be as bad as what they can think up.”

Henry nodded and sat next to him. He took a deep breath and said “I need to put a camera in Hangeng Hyung’s room.” Henry blushed when he finished.

“I stand corrected, you are able to say something I haven’t heard before,” Sungmin said to a blushing Henry. “Now can you tell me why you want to put a camera in Hyung’s room?”

Henry nodded and said, “Apparently someone has been taking his underwear and since I had admit I did a couple years back, he is blaming me again.” Henry rambled, “I want to put a camera in it to prove its not me. I think someone is trying to frame me with this prank.”

Sungmin nodded, “I guess since its for something innocent like this I can help you. Do you have the camera you want to put in there?”

Henry broke out in a huge smile, “I do, thanks Hyung.”

“Don’t mention it” Sungmin said while thinking ‘God, Super Junior M activities bring out the crazy in people’

Henry came running back in the room, “Here Hyung, this is the one we can use. I know a place we can put it. This place can see pretty much the whole room so we should be able to get a shot of them entering and taking the underwear.”

Sungmin nodded, “Ok lets do this” and proceeded for the next 30 minutes setting the camera in Hangeng’s room. When done Sungmin turned to Henry and said “Lets give a good day before we come back and get the camera.”

Henry just nodded and ran off.

~Next Day~

Henry found Sungmin in the living room by himself. All the other members were either taking a nap, playing games in their rooms or out getting food.

“Hyung now is the perfect chance to get the camera.” Henry said.

Sungmin looked up at him, “Why now?”

Henry pouted, “I got in trouble again this morning for taking underwear and I know for a fact Hangeng Hyung and Ryeowook are out shopping for food. So now is perfect to get it and review it.”

Sungmin snorted, “So you mean it’s a perfect time for me to go get it.”

Henry smirk “Of course Hyung, you placed it, so you should be the one to get it.”

Sungmin just shook his head and got up. “Fine but you owe me.”

Henry just nodded , sat down and waited for Sungmin to come back.

Ten minutes later Sungmin came back with the camera. “Let go to my room, since my room mate is out with Hangeng Hyung.”

Henry just nodded and followed Sungmin to his room. Sungmin started hooking the camera up to his computer for better viewing. Henry pulled up the other chair in to room next to the desk They waited for the video to finish uploading.

Sungmin smiled when the video started, “Success. It was a good angle. We can see the whole room. Now we wait.”

Henry and Sungmin watched the video for a a couple minutes when Henry piped up, “You know, we could probably fast forward til someone comes in.”

Sungmin smiled sheepishly, “Yea that’s a good idea”

Sungmin hit the fast forward button. At first the only movement was Hangeng coming in and out of the room. Finally around the time they would be setting out for an activity they saw someone different then Hangeng enter the room.

Henry gaped “That Eunhyuk! Why is….oh my god he is the one stealing the underwear.”

Sure enough they watched as the tiny Eunhyuk went to Hangeng’s drawer and took out a random pair of underwear.

Henry poked Sungmin, “Fast forward a bit a more and see if its just him.”

Sungmin snorted, “Do you believe it could be more of them”, as he said this he was already fast forwarding. What appear next had then staring at the screen in shock.

Henry and Sungmin watched in horror as Hangeng and Siwon came into the room attached at the mouth.

Henry freaked out and covered his eyes, “Oh god turn it off”, next thing he heard was a crash from the video and drawn out moan in the voice he recognized as Siwon. “OH GOD HYUNG SHUT IT OFF!”

Sungmin finally shut it off. They just stared at each other in stunned silence.

Sungmin finally spoke up, “You do know that you wont be able to prove Eunhyuk is taking the underwear without showing you caught Siwon and Hangeng having sex right?”

Henry, still beet red, “I’m fine with that as long as I never have to see it again. I’ll take the blame forever.”

Henry got up and started to leave the room, he turned and said, “Hyung you should delete that now before something happens,”

Sungmin nodded and deleted the video on the screen for Henry to see. Henry smiled and left to go scrub his eyes and mind out.

Sungmin snickered to himself ‘I might have deleted it from my computer but I still have the original file. I think I owe Heechul a phone call.’

Sungmin was still snickering as he picked up his cell phone to make a call

“Hey Heechul, I have something you might really want.”

A/N- Oh god its been a year since i wrote something longer then a drabble :DD

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And I really want it too o///o
That is was fun, thank you!!

Eunhyuk is the one stealing the underwear!! Jajaja
OMG this is so funny!!

Oh God, I want Hangeng's underwear too *muajaja* and of course a copy of that file *SiHanporn*

thanks for sharing!!

Monkey is the thief!
..and if u may, please send me a copy of the tape? -winks-
love this
thanx for sharing

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