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2 Drabbles
Laughing Yesung
(Note: these two have not been looked over by my Beta xD i just got impatient)

Prompt: That handwriting is crap
Rating: G
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun(Friends)
Summary: Kyuhyun catches Yesung writing an odd letter

Kyuhyun was heading to his room, when he passed Yesung sitting at the desk writing something and looking serious. Kyuhyun could not remember the last time he saw Yesung look that serious.

Kyuhyun silently walked up behind him and peeked over his shoulder. All Kyuhyun could make out on the paper was something that barely passed for writing.

Kyuhyun quirked an eyebrow and tapped Yesung on the shoulder. “Yesung what are you doing?” Kyuhyun asked because he just could not leave this alone.

Yesung turned and looked at him as if he was an idiot and said “I’m writing a letter; duh.”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, “Of course I can tell you are writing a letter but what kind, because that handwriting is pure crap. I know you can write better then that.”

Yesung just huffed “Well yea I can write better then this but then the fans would know it was me that wrote it.”

Kyuhyun gave him a puzzled look, “Why are you writing a letter to the fans and why don’t you want them to know?”

Yesung turned back to his paper and started writing again, “It’s not from me and I don’t want the fans to know it’s from me personally.”

Kyuhyun was getting even more confused every time Yesung answered him. “If it’s not from you then who in the world are you writing it for; and why aren’t they writing it themselves, in what I would hope, better writing?”

Yesung just sighed and said, “I’m writing for Ddangkoma and for obvious reasons. His little feet can’t hold the pencil”

Kyuhyun just stared at him shock “Wha, huh. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU WRITING A LETTER FOR THE TURTLE!” Kyuhyun did not mean to yell but Yesung’s answer had surprised him.

Kyuhyun continued before Yesung could answer, “Why would the fans even want to see a letter from the turtle?”

Yesung gave him a wounded look, “Why wouldn’t they? I always talk about him and show him off; I just thought they might find it cute.”

Kyuhyun just hung his head. He knew there was no point trying to talk him out of it. He would just mope around for days, making everyone else miserable. Kyuhyun let him know, “Fine. Whatever. Go ahead and do it; I will not let Teukie know. So hurry and do it before he finds out.”

Yesung’s eyes lit up and he quickly hugged him. Letting Kyuhyun go he turned and started writing again, “Thanks so much. For this I’ll mention in here how you are one of Ddangkoma’s favorite members; after Ryeowook of course.”

Kyuhyun just snorted and started to walk away “Whatever Yesung, just don’t let the others see you.” Kyuhyun went into his room thinking ‘Seriously, who’s the older one here?’

Prompt: Getting lost
Rating: G
Pairing: Yesung/Henry(Friends)
Summary: Henry gets worried when he's with Yesung and he has no idea where he is.

Henry looked around him in fear. He did not recognize any of the streets or buildings. He turned to the person who asked him out. “Yesung, um where are we?”

Yesung stopped and turned toward him. “Honestly I have no idea.” Henry just stared as Yesung smiled so happily at him.

Henry swallowed and said “But you were the one that asked me to come out with you to keep you company. You must have known where you were going then.”

Yesung just grinned wider, “Nope I had no idea where I was going.”

Henry just stared in shock, “But, but why are you so happy and if you didn’t know where you were going, why did you ask me to go with you?”

Yesung just answered, “I asked you to come with me because if it was just me getting lost they wouldn’t have cared.”

Henry was truly puzzled by then “Yesung I am pretty sure if you had gotten lost they would have freaked out.”

Yesung shook his head “They don’t worry anymore. They didn’t want to encourage me.”

Something seemed off to Henry. He asked, “Don’t worry anymore? Does this mean you do this all the time?”

Yesung nodded and explained, “Whenever I had time and was bored I used to go out and get lost on purpose.”

Henry just stared and asked “On purpose? Why!?”

Yesung continued, “Well honestly the first time wasn’t on purpose but when I finally got and I found out they were so worked up over the fact I was missing; I thought it was cool. They caught on after the fourth time, so I’ve had to get creative.” Yesung flashed him a smile.

That is about the time Henry realized he was just a pawn in Yesung’s plan. “So I’m here to make sure they freak out?” Henry asked.

Yesung nodded, “Yep. I am allowed to either leave on my own or have at least 2 other members with me, with one of them having there phone. None of the other members will come out with me. So it was either you or Zhou Mi and Zhou Mi was with Kyuhyun.”

Henry remembered before he left how Yesung told him to leave his phone because he had his. Henry just hung his head and sighed. “Well since we are out and have no phones, we might as well enjoy ourselves. How about we head to that store?”

Yesung beamed at him, “That’s the spirit! Let’s go.” He turned and started rushing to the store.

Henry realized this was a great time to get to know one of the odder members of his new family. Then he had a thought, “Wait Yesung. How do you actually get home if we don’t have our cell phones?” Henry thought this was a very important detail to know.

Yesung stopped, turned and said, “Oh that’s easy. I just ask a fan.” He flashed Henry a happy grin and went into the store.

Henry just snorted and followed him thinking this was a fun way to enjoy getting lost.

~Oh god what is this!?! Is it a post!? My god it is xD lol these two are my attempts into getting back into writing T__T they aren't very good but i wanted to finish and post before tomorrow and i got busy with school xD

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Wow!!! The lack of writing has messed you up...I kid, I kid. I love the Henry and Yesung. I just can't wait to get my hands on them hehe...

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