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Batch of Drabbles
Laughing Yesung
Prompt - When we tell this story later, let’s change the ending.
Pairing - Kangin/Siwon
Rating - G

Kangin and Siwon were staring at amazement at the pandemonium around them. There were police pulling people apart and a fire truck putting out a trashcan fire. That’s just what they could see from their hiding place, they could hear more.

Siwon turned to Kangin. “When we tell Leeteuk Hyung what we did today, lets change the ending where we started a small scale riot and tell him we were visiting a friend on the other side of town instead.”

After they saw another trashcan catch on fire Kangin spoke up. “Agreed. Lets never talk of this again. I’ll call someone to cover for us if I have to.”

Before Siwon could say anything else, they heard the screams of “Oppa”, they decided now was a good time to run.

Prompt - It's not what it looks like!
Pairing - Kangin/Kibum
Rating - PG

“You are such an asshole!” Kibum yelled.

Kangin pulled himself to his full height. “I might be an asshole, but at least the fans still remember me.”

Kibum threw himself at Kangin and tried to pull him to the ground. Kangin tried to get him in a head lock. Kibum put his leg behind his knee and pushed, hoping his weight and gravity would do the rest. What he was not prepared for, was Kangin grabbing his shirt and pulling him down with him.

They ended up rolling around on the floor trying to hit each other. They stopped rolling when they hit the couch. Kibum was straddling Kangin, trying to hit him in the head. Kangin had a hold of his arms though, so it was Kibum trying to pull his arms away from him.

They stopped struggling for a second to regain their breath. Kangin refused to let go of Kibum’s arms. Just as Kangin felt Kibum’s muscle start to tense, they heard a shout from the door.

“My god! In the living room seriously!?”

They turned to see Leeteuk and 4 other members standing in the door way. Kangin looked up at Kibum and the positions they were in and blushed.

He looked about at the other members with a distressed look. “Oh god! Guys, it’s not what it looks like I swear. We were fighting.”

Leeteuk smirked. “Fighting? Is that what they call it these days?”

Prompt - Animal crackers versus circus animals who wins?
Pairing - Zhou Mi/Donghae
Rating - G

“Hey Mimi, I was wondering something.”

Zhoumi looked up from his book, to look at Donghae who was sitting near him and see him eating something. “What Hae?”

Donghae held up what he was eating. Zhoumi could see they were animal crackers. “These. I was wondering that if they could be real, who would win the attention of people more; circus animals or these animal crackers.”

Zhoumi just looked at him and blinked a couple times. Donghae just looked at him waiting for his opinion.

Zhoumi decided to humor him for right now. “I would think that, if they were real, they would get the attention.”

Donghae broke into a wide smile. “Exactly. I think it would be awesome. To see them right there with their animal counterparts, performing. Obviously not many people have seen moving animal crackers, therefore they are automatically going to get more attention.”

Zhoumi just averted his eyes and made an affirmative noise. As Donghae went on more about the awesome that was animal crackers and circus animals, Zhoumi decided he needed to talk to Hangeng about Donghae’s sugar and caffeine intake.

Prompt - Wearing headphones for easier gossip collecting
Pairing - Eunhyuk/Leeteuk
Rating - G

Eunhyuk listened as Leeteuk told another person about something he, somehow, over heard. At the time it wasn’t confirmed whether it was true or not, but Eunhyuk had reason to believe it was true, only cause Leeteuk had yet to be wrong.

Eunhyuk eyed Leeteuk as he left the person he was talking to. Eunhyuk really wanted to know how he found this stuff out. Most people know better by now, then to talk to him about their personal stuff.

Leeteuk sat down next to Eunhyuk and went over the script for their next taping. Eunhyuk looked around and decided now was a good time to talk about it. “Ok, how do you do it?”

Leeteuk looked up confused. “How do I do what?”

Eunhyuk narrowed his eyes. “How do you find out all this information. Most people know better then to talk randomly about their personal stuff in front of most Super Junior members, mainly you. So, how do you do it?”

Leeteuk’s eyes widen a bit. “I have no idea what you are talking about. I just happen to find out all this stuff. I have a very trusting air about me.”

Eunhyuk didn’t buy that for a second. “I call bullshit on this one. You don’t want to tell me fine, but I’ll have to work hard not to let more stories about you slip.” Eunhyuk really didn’t want to resort to blackmail but he really wanted to know this.

Leeteuk narrowed his eyes this time. “You wouldn’t.”

Eunhyuk matched his stare. “I would.”

Leeteuk sighed. “Fine. I’ll tell you but don’t tell anyone else okay? This is one of the few things I can really excel at.”

Eunhyuk nodded. “Don’t worry I wont. It’s mainly for my curiosity anyway.”

Leeteuk nodded and pulled something out of his pocket. “This is how I do it.”

Eunhyuk looked down to see headphones. “Headphones?”

He nodded again. “Yea. When I see some people talking, I put the headphones on and I fiddle with my ipod, looking like I’m playing music. Nothing is playing, but they think it is. So they talk like I’m not listening.”

Eunhyuk stared at him. It was so simply. Before he could ask more, the PD came over and pulled Leeteuk away to talk about something with the show.

Noise caught Eunhyuk’s attention and he turned to see some people heading this way. He looked down at his ipod and decided to give it a try. Putting the earphones in, he messed with the ipod and waited for the people.

They looked at him, but didn’t lower their voices. Just went right on talking about their latest celebrity crush. Eunhyuk decided to remove an earbud to see what happened. When he removed it, one of the girls nudged the other that was talking and they fell silent. They continued on walking away.

Eunhyuk at the headphones in amazement. Who knew this was all it took to hear the latest gossip. Eunhyuk grinned, put the earphone back in and wandered around looking for people.

Prompt - So you've reached the top, now what?
Pairing - Zhou Mi/Henry
Rating - G

“Are you happy now? You’re stuck and for nothing.”

Henry looked down to see Zhoumi looking up at him from the ground. “It wasn’t for nothing.” Henry gripped the tree a bit tighter.

Zhoumi snorted. “I told you the cat was fine and could find its own way down. You didn’t have to go up after it.”

Henry ignore that. “I saw it go all the way to top and I’m going to try and get it. I’m sure it’s still up here. I didn’t see it jump.” Henry climbed a few more branches and then realized there were no more branches; and no sign of the wayward cat.

Zhoumi continued to peer up in the tree. He could see Henry at the top and not moving. Just like he figured, the cat wasn’t there. “So Henry, you’ve reached the top, now what?”

Henry looked down and then back up. “Um, you help me down?”

Zhoumi scoffed. “Help you down? You got up there on your own, I’m sure you can come down on your own.”

Henry squeezed his eyes shut. “Mimi, please?” He tried not to sound scared, but when he had a cat to focus on, he forget his fear of heights, no cat and fear comes back.

Zhoumi sighed and moved under the tree more. “Fine, I’ll help. Just scoot down some and I’ll catch you.”

Henry nodded and started to inch his way down. Later, when they tell the story, Henry made it near the bottom and let go; Zhoumi caught him then. What actually happened was Henry’s branch snapped and he plummeted onto Zhoumi, bringing them down to the ground.

As Henry was get off Zhoumi he turned and saw the cat sitting on the curb staring at him. He decided then that he wasn’t a cat person and he hated climbing trees.
He helped Zhoumi up and they hobbled home. Hoping to put this little adventure behind them.

-  Okay one i have never done drabbles before so this was like a practice thing. There will probably be more later on, only cause i fell in love with the Suju random pairing prompt generator xDDD
A/N 2- I know i said i would only do a temp hiatus but that has to change...school is more demanding them i hoped so i wont be able to write much. so until i get used to these classes i wont even be able to work on a one shot. the most i might do right now are the drabbles cause i can do those in 5 minutes. i am really sorry but dont worry i will get to them eventually ^^;; at least i got done with Missing Chances before then xD

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I'm dying I'm laughing so hard at most of these. Zhoury's one was so fucking hilarious. Poor Henry <3 I wouldn't even climb the tree for the cat ._. and I love cats. But fear of heights /cringes.


And oh Kangin and Kibum, as well as Zhou Mi <3 LOL

These were hilarious and cute 8D You should totally write more of them! And I love the SuJu Random pairing generator too, though I have yet to actually write anything from using it.

hahaha i understand that xD i have about 60+ prompts saved -dies- i finally sent that list to a friend and told him to pick 5 out for me and i would write those....and thats what these were xD...he picked 5 more out for me so i have something to do during class xD

oh gosh, I love all of these XD

He looked about at the other members with a distressed look. “Oh god! Guys, it’s not what it looks like I swear. We were fighting.”

Leeteuk smirked. “Fighting? Is that what they call it these days?”

best part. XD Leeteuk is amazing <3

the eavesdropping! omg XD so sneaky~!
Donghae. boy (fish? XD). you are just such a dork~ but I love you for it <3

and okay Zhou Mi and Henry, that one has to be my fave XD
the whole thing was just amazing XD

I'll be looking out for more written by you ^^ these were great!
hopefully school isn't too hard on you =)

thank you for sharing!!

p.s. my comp kept being stupid so i had to comment like 3 times XD LOL

hahaha its ok..although i was trying to figure out why i had 2-3 deleted comments in my inbox lol

glad you like these...i should eventually have 5 more drabbles done...eventually xDDD i still have 2 chaptered fics to write and 80+ one shots -dies-

OHHHHH MY GODDD!! Haha, I have such a huge smile on my face now!<3333 Waaah, this seriously made my day :). Its too sweet~

ZhouRy's is sooo freakin hilarious and adorable!!! Poor Henry XD! He's too cute~

LOL, at EunTeuk<3 and KangBum XDD!

He looked about at the other members with a distressed look. “Oh god! Guys, it’s not what it looks like I swear. We were fighting.”

Leeteuk smirked. “Fighting? Is that what they call it these days?”

LOL, The best part of all 8DD. Oh, and I'm sure I'm late but Happy belated birthday :) Hope you had a great day ^^~

Lol, great read- loved it. Random (friendship) pairing prompt generators are awesome XD

these all are just too hilarious!
love each and every of them

urm, just wonddering.. what a prompt generator? gotta try one of those..
sounds fun. thanx for sharing, btw

Sadly the prompt thing is no longer around. I had forgot to cross post this to miracle, the generator was still around when i posted this.

I never found a new one ;A; i'm sry i can't help...i have like 100 of these prompts saved for raining days xD

Im super glad you enjoyed these :D

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